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Cómo mejorar tus presentaciones: Impress.js , Prezi …

En esta entrada vamos a hablar de diversas aplicaciones, librerías y herramientas como Impress.js o Prezi que pueden ayudar a realizar presentaciones de una manera distinta a las realizadas con PowerPoint.

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Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application II

backbone logo

In the previous post I defined the frameworks and libraries that I’m going to use in order to build a simple web application with Node.js and Backbone.js. This application will have a text field where we’ll introduce a word and we get back the lastest tweets regarding with that word. Besides that, it’ll show the places in the world where that tweets were sent. But first, take a look at application’s home page.

Tweegle homepage

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Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application I

This is the first post of a serie where I gonna explain how to build a simple application based in Node.js and Backbone.js. The idea behind this post is trying to use as many technologies as we can to build a web application. In the last year there are some Javascript frameworks and libraries that are getting a lot of popularity in web development. In this first post we are going to enumerate which technologies we are going to use, REST API and the environments where we are going to deploy all. I’ll also give a brief about the project itself. So let’s go.

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FeedHenry on VMware’s Cloud Foundry : mobile app development in the Cloud






This post is going to give a little introduction to FeedHenry. As you can read on its webpage, FeedHenry:

Build powerful cloud powered apps with FeedHenry. Write in HTML5 and JavaScript. Deploy to your Cloud Foundry, and have a cloud scalable app on 5 platforms instantly!

This means that you can develop you own mobile app, upload your backend to Cloud Foundry and create an Android or iOS client to install into your device to connect. And you can do this just with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Github and a Cloud Foundry account.

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