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Online learning : where to learn web development

Online learning

Lasty I’ve been thinking about writing a post about resources to learn online. Online learning has become a must if you want to keep you updated. I think that the way we learn, specially in an IT environment, has dramatically changed in the last years. A lot of web courses have bloomed since 2010 or so. There are lots of website where someone can learn from them. Some of the courses are for free and some others are not. Even some universities have agreements with some online website to publish their own courses.

In this post I’m going to enumerate some of the online learning websites I normally use to learn new stuff. If you know any others, please feel free to give some feedback. It’s really welcomed.

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Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application IV. and Redis support

In this post we are going to add a key-value store called Redis and (a Websocket implementation  to Node.js). Although Redis is often known as a NoSQL database, the fact is that we cannot include it as one. The same concept can apply to Commonly, it is mistaken with Websocket, is an Websocket API that gives us some extra features over it.

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Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application III. Cloud Foundry, Heroku and AWS


In the previous post, Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application I and Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application II, about how to build an easy Node.js and Backbone.js application we discuss about which technologies we were going to use and after that we built a simple web application along with some REST API such as Twitter and the Yahoo Geoplanet API.

In this third post we speak about how to deploy our recent Backbone.js application to the cloud. I decided to use third of the most used PaaS (Platform as a Service) nowadays: Heroku, Cloud Foundry and AWS. Yes, I know that AWSis considered for many people an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

I was also interested in giving a try to nodejitsu a specific platform to Node.js environment that belongs to Joyent. Unfortunately, they are currently in Beta   and it seems imposible to get a invitation in the last couple of weeks. I’d like to upload the application to Windows Azure that is growing fast lately. I might update this post as long as I deploy the application to other PaaS. Meanwhile, we’re going to deploy to the three platform already commented.

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Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application II

backbone logo

In the previous post I defined the frameworks and libraries that I’m going to use in order to build a simple web application with Node.js and Backbone.js. This application will have a text field where we’ll introduce a word and we get back the lastest tweets regarding with that word. Besides that, it’ll show the places in the world where that tweets were sent. But first, take a look at application’s home page.

Tweegle homepage

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Basic Node.js and Backbone.js application I

This is the first post of a serie where I gonna explain how to build a simple application based in Node.js and Backbone.js. The idea behind this post is trying to use as many technologies as we can to build a web application. In the last year there are some Javascript frameworks and libraries that are getting a lot of popularity in web development. In this first post we are going to enumerate which technologies we are going to use, REST API and the environments where we are going to deploy all. I’ll also give a brief about the project itself. So let’s go.

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