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Selenium , testing framework for acceptance tests

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Selenium is a testing framework that allows you automatizing your acceptance tests. Selenium gives us the opportunity to test the interaction between our application pages and the users. Basically Selenium framework allows us to do two different things:
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Spring MVC basic example with Maven


In the following post we are going to talk about the Spring MVC project. But before that I have been thinking about writing some other posts about the Spring framework. I’m going to talk about some SpringSource projects such as Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security (O Auth) or Spring Faces to name a few. Moreover I’m planning to start writing about continuous integration and testing with (Hudson / Jenkins, Sonar, Cobertura, Selenium, Checkstyles, PMD, …). I’d also like write about Cloud Computing , as a novice developer in this particular subject, analyzing some frameworks and tools such as the Google App Engine (GAE) or Micro Cloud Foundry. But there is much left to all I have just mentioned so …. it is time to start with Spring MVC.

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